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Monday, April 2, 2012

Greek Feta Eggs

Greek Feta Eggs

Tired of the same old eggs for breakfast almost every day?  Well change them up!  Get creative with it.  These eggs are fabulous and are a nice change of pace even though it's still eggs for breakfast.  I like my eggs cooked over medium but of course you can cook them any way you prefer. *INDUCTION FRIENDLY*

1 serving
1 net carb per serving

1 pat of butter
2 eggs
1 slice of lemon or 1/4 tsp of bottled lemon juice
2 tsp feta cheese
1/8 tsp dried oregano
a dash of lemon pepper
a dash of garlic powder

Melt butter over medium heat in small skillet.  Add eggs then sprinkle all ingredients over the top of them (I tried to use the small crumbs of feta that had fallen to the bottom of the container).  Cook to your liking.  Eat!


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  4. Ok, you have just made my day. I was just talking to my husband about wanting to make more things from scratch. This is awesome.UpdateLand