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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BBQ Cheddar Bacon Chicken

BBQ Cheddar Bacon Chicken
This was a big ole sloppy mess of goodness.  This is the kind of food that makes me glad I live a low carb lifestyle.  Chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar and chives all together.  Yes please!  You really can't go wrong with this.  Pure comfort food.  I always prefer to fresh grate my cheeses but the pre-shredded type would be fine if you are pressed for time/energy.  I used Kraft Light Original barbecue sauce as it had the lowest carb count of the easily available sauces that I could find.  It is 5 carbs per 2 TBSP serving but I only used 1 TBSP per breast so it only added 2.5 carbs for our servings.  Feel free to use any low carb sauce you can find or make your own.  Whatever works for you.

4 servings
2.6 net carbs per serving (based on Kraft Light Original barbecue sauce)

4 pieces of bacon, chopped
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt & pepper
4 TBSP low carb barbecue sauce
2 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
2 green onions, chopped, green part only

Fry chopped bacon in a large skillet over medium high heat until brown and crisp.  Remove from skillet using a slotted spoon and save for a later part of the recipe.  Leave bacon grease in skillet!  Place chicken breasts in reserved bacon grease, season with salt and pepper.  Fry until lightly browned and done in center, flipping half way through.  Pour 1 TBSP of barbecue sauce over each breast, sprinkle bacon over, then cheddar cheese, then green onions.  Place skillet under broiler to melt the cheese.  Watch carefully as the broiler can melt quickly. (Do not put in broiler if you have a plastic handled skillet.  Instead move chicken to plates and microwave 15-20 seconds to melt).

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  1. what is the name of the bbq sauce? Thanks!