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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float
This is so easy and so good.  You are going to kick yourself for not making these little treats earlier.  It's about 80 degrees in my part of the world right now and this ice cold "float" is really hitting the spot.  It's not perfect but it's a pretty good substitute if you get a root beer float hankering.  I added the sugar free vanilla syrup with the thought that it would help make the heavy cream taste more like vanilla ice cream but I'm not sure I could tell the difference.  I would say that it's optional.  Better yet, try one with the syrup and one without to see which you prefer! *INDUCTION FRIENDLY* (go easy on the artificial sweeteners during induction though)

1 serving
maybe 1/2 net carbs per serving

16 ounces of diet root beer (I used A&W but any brand is fine)
1 tsp sugar free vanilla syrup (optional)
1 TBSP heavy whipping cream

Fill cup with ice.  Add root beer, then syrup (if using) then heavy cream.  The root beer will foam up just like a real root beer float! 


  1. I must try this. I love root beer floats!

    1. Such an easy way to get that root beer float taste without the carbs!

  2. Hi :) I just made this and WOW! it is soooooo good! I do have a question tho! Can I make this just using one can of root beer which is 12 oz compared to the 16th oz? 16 is just wayyy to much for me to drink. Also. What would happen if you added two tablespoons? Would it just make it have more of a cream taste? Thanks for posting this! I'm loving your site. Easy to follow instructions and directions!

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