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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bacon Mushroom and Cheddar Frittata

Bacon Mushroom and Cheddar Frittata
Oh my word this is good!  I write IS because I'm writing this as I eat.  I needed to share with you immediately!  So good and so filling.  Don't be afraid of a frittata.  It's pretty much an omelet just cooked a tiny bit different.  I used mainly "not fresh/dehydrated" ingredients because well, I live in the real world where I don't always have fresh mushrooms, etc in my fridge at all times plus I have three kids which doesn't really leave much time for myself in the mornings.  I promise that it is yummy though!  I'm sure it would be better with fresh and if you have the time and the goods at your disposal than I would recommend you go that route.  I'm sure the real stuff would take this dish over the top of the charts!  I think this would be fabulous with a bit of salsa or maybe a dollop of sour cream on top if you have any on hand. *INDUCTION FRIENDLY*

2 servings
1.6 net carbs per serving

pat of butter
3 large eggs (this is filling but if you think that's not enough for 2 people than add another egg)
1 tsp heavy cream
1 oz shredded cheddar cheese
2 sliced mushrooms worth of dehydrated mushrooms, soaked to come back to life (or use real ones if you have)
1 dehydrated scallion, soaked to come back to life (or use real)
2 TBSP of real crumbled bacon - fresh bacon bits (or chop and cook your own)
seasoned salt to taste
pepper to taste

Whisk eggs and heavy cream together in a small dish.  Melt butter in a small/medium skillet that is suitable for oven and has a lid (or improvise one with foil) over medium-low heat.  Pour egg mixture into skillet.  Immediately add the shredded cheese, mushrooms, scallions and bacon into egg mixture.  Salt and pepper the top to taste.  Put lid on skillet and let the eggs n "stuff" cook slowly over medium-low for approximately 10 minutes, until the sides look cooked and light brown.  Remove lid and place your skillet under the broiler to firm up the eggs on top, approximately 2-3 minutes.  Remove frittata from skillet and cut into 4 pie slices.  Each serving is two pie slices.

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