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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to measure stick butter

Measure butter stick
If you are anything like me, you probably went from a margarine tub (maybe even Light Margarine) to suddenly using stick butter when you started your Low Carb lifestyle.  All of these recipes keep saying "2 TBSP of butter" and you just kind of guess how much that is, or you keep the wrapper on your butter and cut through it each time.  This way is a lot more attractive in your butter dish and much easier and no fuss.  BEFORE you take the wrapper off, score each of the Tablespoon (TBSP) lines with the back, dull side of a butter knife.  Just press straight down with the dull side of a knife at each TBSP line, hard enough to mark the butter inside the wrapper.  Then when you take the wrapper off and put the stick in your butter dish, you still know exactly how much a Tablespoon is!  Just cut through the line to know that you cut exactly a 1 TBSP pat of butter!  Genius right?  Well not really but it does make life a tiny bit easier.  Happy buttering!

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