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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dollar Tree No Carb Flavored Syrups

Sugar Free Flavored Syrups from Dollar Tree

Check out what I found at Dollar Tree!  It doesn't say Sugar Free on the front label but it's made with Sucralose (which Splenda is the name brand for), has 0 carbs, calories, fat, etc just like Torani and DaVinci.  My Dollar Tree only had Vanilla and Hazelnut so I picked up one bottle of each to try.  I've now taste tested both (as you can see, I couldn't wait to open the Hazelnut before getting a picture) and they are comparable to the name brands.  I'll be running back out to Dollar Tree this afternoon to pick up a few more $1 bottles of sugar free flavored syrups!

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  1. Thank u I will be searching all the dollar trees in my area.