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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fat Fast Meal Planner Day 3

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese
Day 3 of the fat fast!  I woke up this morning and had lost 1.7 pounds since yesterday.  That makes my loss so far at 2.6 pounds after 2 days of eating this way.  Woo!  I don't feel hungry but I do feel like I need to stay extra busy as all day long I think "food, food, food".  It's not physical hunger but mentally I want to eat more/different stuff.  It's only for 5 days and I know I can keep my mind right for just 2 more days.  I am enjoying the results though!

Day 3 Fat Fast Meal Plan

Fat Fast day 3: 1101 calories 106g fat 10.59net carbs – 6% carbs, 87%fat, 7% protein

o   Coffee with ¼ cup whipping cream 108c 93%fat
o   3 slices bacon 130cal 69%fat
o   Peanut Butter Cream Cheese: 1 ounce cream cheese, 1 TBSP SF PB, 1 TBSP whipping cream, 1/4tsp Splenda, 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon.  Blend together 245cal 88%fat
o   1 oz macadamia nuts 204c 95%fat
o   4 oz sliced mushrooms, sautéed in 1 TBSP butter with 1 TBSP Boursin melted in.  187 calories 86% fat
o   2 servings sugar free jello with ½ cup whipped whipping cream 227c 88%fat

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  1. That Cream Cheese looks kind of gross.. not sure I could eat that. You go for it ! I think I'd just rather eat plain cream cheese. I've decided to do 5 days of this fat fast next week, see if I can get the weight loss moving again.

    1. LOL! Yes it does look gross. It's just natural peanut butter mixed with cream cheese so it tastes great but not that appealing looking. I'm getting used to the plain cream cheese by putting Mrs. Dash and seasoned salt on it.

    2. Hi, im wondering what whipping cream you use to male your jello? The heavy whipping cream 1/2 cup is like 400 calories??

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  2. I'm inspired-Gonna give it a go next week! Thanks Layla.

    1. Great! It's been kind of fun as I've treated it like an experiment instead of a diet.

  3. whip the cream cheese into the jello till its foamy and let set, it is like a sherbet mousse

  4. Would it be good to eat more Bacon than you have? I could seriously eat almost an entire pack! lol