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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato low carb copycat

In full disclosure, I have not had a real Starbucks Caramel Macchiato in quite a long time so this probably does not taste exact but it is certainly fabulous.  However, I have had one of the yummy drinks pictures above at least once a day (usually a hot one in the morning and an iced one as my 3pm pick-me-up).  It is a creamy, sweet and caramely (is that even a word?) coffee and always makes me smile after that first sip.  Of course you can vary this to any way that suites your taste but this is the one I make most often.  I buy my sugar free syrups at Albertsons if in a pinch but I find them cheaper and lots more choices on Amazon.  I've seen sugar free Vanilla at Target, Walmart and most other major stores but never any other flavors.
You can use decaf or regular, depending on which version of Atkins you are following.  Dr. Atkins said no caffeine however the newer version states that not only can you have caffeine but they think it actually assists with fat loss.  I drink WAY too much caffeine and had no problems with losing weight but do whatever you are comfortable with.


16 oz whatever coffee you prefer, made a little stronger than normal (I'm fancy like that and use plain ole Folgers)
2 TBSP heavy whipping cream (you can use half and half if you want to reduce your fat a bit but it has more carbs)
2 TBSP Torani sugar free caramel syrup (or any other brand)
1 TBSP Torani sugar free chocolate syrup (or any other brand)

Pour over ice if you prefer the iced version.  I try to brew 30 minutes ahead of time and then stick in the fridge to cool down beforehand.  If you don't have time for all of that, then just brew your coffee strong, then pour over a full cup of ice.

You can make it with just caramel or just chocolate (or hazelnut or whatever you want) for that matter but something about the two together tastes like magic to me.


  1. great recipe! how many carbs is this?

  2. Hmmm for the morning you could probably add protein powder, yummm.

  3. mmmmm how many carbs Kayla?

  4. Replies
    1. I would say 1.5 net carbs. .5 net carbs for each TBSP of whipping cream, .5 net carbs for the coffee itself. They syrups are carb free.

    2. The sugar free Torani syrups actually have 1 carb per serving.

  5. The chocolate syrup....is it the same as what you would use to make chocolate milk, only sugar-free?

    1. I'm sure you could use that if you can find a low carb, sugar free one. Torani and DaVinci brands (the two most popular brands for sugar free flavored syrups) come in many flavors, with chocolate just being one of them. They are the consistency of water and have zero carbs, calories and fat. Most major grocery stores (even Target and Walmart) usually carry one or two flavors in their coffee sections.

  6. Thanks! I'm going to try to find them today :) Can't wait to try this, I LOVE starbucks caramel macchiato

  7. A caramel macchiato is made with vanilla syrup, not chocolate.

  8. If you have access to a restaurant supplier like US Food Chef's Store, or Restaurant Depot, they have every flavor imaginable. They also have a good variety of sugar free as well. World market also carries a good variety of leaded & unleaded.