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Friday, August 24, 2012

Atkins.com Recipe Reviews

I've decided to go back to basics and take you along with me.  Starting Monday all I will be posting for the next couple of weeks are reviews of some nice basic meals from the Atkins.com Induction/Phase 1 list of recommended meals.  After that I will go back to experimenting with creating my own recipes.

I recommend the Atkins website to so many people but really haven't delved into it myself (since I read the book).  As a bit of an experiment I used their Customize-able Meal Planner and have been following it as closely as possible for my meals during the last week.  I'm happy to say that most of their meals are pretty good tasting (if a bit basic), easy to make, and give you have the right amounts of carbs/fats/proteins for the day.

Stay happy, healthy and LOW CARB!

- Low Carb Layla -


  1. I too, am looking forward to this and know this is the incentive I need to go back for a few days and lose these few pounds gained. Thank you!

  2. I just started induction last week and, thanks to a lot of your recipes I lost 7lbs in one week!!! I'm so happy i discovered your blog. Keep on posting!!!

  3. I have been on induction for 3 weeks and I haven't lost anything. It's very hard for me to log what I eat but I feel as if I am doing well so far. Any suggestions?